Ban rodeo

Howdy folks
We are #OpRodeo

A duo of individuals that don’t take kindly
to animal cruelty, & certainly not under
the guise of ‘tradition’.
It ain’t tradition.
Nope, what rodeo is, is institutionalized animal cruelty…
with one primary goal-
That’s right. The almighty buck.
Just like all them fancy circuses, zoos or marine parks…
Rodeo exploits animals.
But rodeos don’t just make the animals do tricks.
Nope, they injure & kill em right in front of cheering crowds.
How’s that for demented?

Now, we’ve already been bustin our hineys researching;
So, y’all can rest assured our info has been cited & cross referenced.
(For all y’all slow pokes-that just means we did some learnin & know the facts.)

Laws need fixing. State laws need amending. Heck, some need to be created.
Rodeo is exempt from animal cruelty laws.

The dang gum PRCA has got their own set of ‘humane rules’-and you can
bet yer ass they don’t even follow that!

We’re fixin to abolish rodeo. Y’all can expect us.