Iditarod & Yukon Quest

#OpIditarod was created on behalf of the thousands of sled dogs that are abused, killed, exploited by money hungry mushers & corporations.
We are unearthing the grim truth from the deepest depths inside the sled dog industry.
Most people’s morality is simply that of the current laws.
Deeply entrenched beliefs are that these dogs enjoy the races’, yet that couldn’t be further from the truth.
We find it frustrating that the public is not aware of the animal abuse that goes on behind closed doors.
Well hidden behind the heavy veil of media propaganda.

What exactly happens to dogs that are too old to work?
Too sick to make money?
Not fast enough for business?
Not good enough to race?

After a short life of suffering-death.

The fact is, ALL sled dog companies are nothing more than vile PUPPY MILLS!

While innumerable dogs are chained to the ground in filthy dog compounds-the public cheers on.
While unrecorded injuries and dog killings occur daily on trails & kennels-the public cheers on.
While countless dogs are raced to death, trained to death-the crowd cheers on.

Our mission is simple;
The cessation of dogs used as tools for a monetary gain.