You lumbering beast
You weakener of knees
I beg of you please
Go now-
With your hold now
You brain chow
down on my sensations
Mindful & mind full
You stay put
Make my foot
An unworky thing
Able not me
Unable to flee
You hold my key
Of mobility
Robbed from me naturally
Abominable thing
let me sing
muffles me
I concede.

Lament to my lesions
You little white nullers
You scabby brain dwellers
You wrestle & win
Steal & then grin
at my plight
miserable sight
no foe to fight
Invisible thief
day or night
Have you had your fill
of my thoughts
tears fears
took my career
no more can I steer
not veer
Clarity gone
your smog fog
dogs my energy
fatigue weary
Locked inside
Can’t hide.image