13 states in the US. Bestiality is legal.

Bestiality is legal in Vermont. While it falls under the category of Animal Cruelty, the rape of an animal is indirect in the law. 
There is a high prevalence of bestiality in the history of sexual offenders. Bestiality shares comorbidity with sociopathy and violence. Animal abuse needs redefinition, and bestiality needs definition recognized by Vermont (and 12 other US Staye) law.
There is a difference between animal abuse and bestiality, in the way that there is a difference between domestic abuse and rape. Bestiality categorically cannot be ignored.

Here is an example of a vermont bestiality/violent offender:

Sexually abusing dog and videotaping it – (St. Albans, VT – US)
Case Report
Paul Corey, a 36-year old self-employed logger has denied two counts of cruelty to animals at Vermont District Court in St, Albans. These charges come from a pending charge against Corey of sexual assualt on a minor under age 16. In October 2001, Corey was arrested for allegedly raping a female minor repeatedly between May 1 and May 31 of 2001.

Vermont State Police executed a search warrant at Corey’s Guilmette Road residence on January 15. The police were searching for pornographic materials that might be connected to the sexual assault charges. Police found several pornographic videotapes at Corey’s home. One of those tapes allegedly shows Corey and Tammy Paquin, 34, also from Guilmette Road, engaging in sexual acts with Corey’s two dogs, Simba and Chubbers. Chubbers has subsequently been euthanized at the Franklin County Humane Society because he had parvo. Simbus has been returned to his original owners. This case has led to calls from local prosecutors for changes in the Vermont statutes as Vermont has no besiality laws in place to protect animals.

Paquin has confessed to two counts of cruelty to animals. She has been sentenced to one year in prison for each charge, with all time suspended but 10 days.

Paul Corey faces two identical charges of animal cruelty as well. Corey has not yet stood trial for the sexual assualt of a minor or the animal cruelty charges, but has been prohibited from being the primary caregiver for any animal and is not allowed to possess Viagra, which was found by police at his home.


Now, I have so many issues with this, and would hope Vermont legislation would as well.

This man repeatedly raped dogs that he had kidnapped from their owners. He recorded these rapes. These are crimes against nature.

Animal cruelty and bestiality are completely different acts, and need to be legally defined as such.

Also, this very man, Paul Corey, came to my home last year. A strange vehicle pulled into my driveway. A man got out and approached my home. My dog barked and he knocked on my door. I answered without opening. He introduced himself, and asked if he could give me his business card. He said he was a logger, and noticed the amount of wooded area on my property. He complimented my dog, and asked what breed he was. I took his card, and he left.

In today’s day and age, of course, I googled him. The above is what I found. I did more research as well.

The fact that he merely got an animal abuse charge?? Raping multiple dogs? Repeatedly? To the point one needed to be euthanized? The fact that he is free to approach home owners and solicit business? The fact that he complimented MY DOG. That is the equivalent, in my opinion, of a pedophile complimenting your child. The horror.

Animal abuse laws need strengthening. And bestiality needs to be made illegal, a felony.

The Vermonter, Paul Corey, who not only kidnapped dogs, raped dogs repeatedly, recorded the offenses, also raped a human. Correlation.

An animal abuse/bestiality offender website would be a good idea. Vermont is one of 13 US states that bestiality remains legal in. The sexualization of an innocent sentient being cannot be stuck under the label ‘cruel’.

This dog was repeatedly raped, and then murdered after her rapist had enough of her.
This dog was repeatedly raped, and then murdered after her rapist had enough of her.