Selfish vegetarian indignation

If you eat dairy, you pay for this, asshole.
If you eat dairy, you pay for this, asshole.

As I mentioned in a previous post, as an abolitionist vegan activist I get a lotta trolls.
I decided to compose this post separately…because I also deal with really pissed off vegetarians.
Really- it is nothing more that their own guilt under the guise of anger misdirected toward me. It is their own conscience- not me. 
They come at me from a plethora of angles & they share, ironically, many of the same arguments as carnists.

The health argument I.e. Their grasp to the remnants of dietary monarching.

The organic/humane argument that is chocked full of euphemistic shit. Anesthetizes the truth, about it…

The ‘I’m supporting local economy/dairy farmers…stink fest

the thing with vegetarians is that they eat alongside carnists. They shop in many of the same sections of the grocery store as carnists. They can easily go to restaurants with carnists. Vegetarians have yet to peer behind the curtain & they, too, refuse to make the connection.  The veal industry is the DIRECT RESULT of the dairy industry. Veal calves are a byproduct of an already cruel dairy industry…yet vegetarians attack me.

if they do not want to contribute to atrocities wouldn’t they take suffering dairy cows, raped, babies stolen, then both baby & mother killed as paying for cruelty? Might as well be a carnist.

plus the whole hormone/pus factor,,,ain’t even gonna get into that. (And carnists say ‘ew’ to tofu) ….meatheads.

bottom line- all milk is mothers milk. Vegetarians- stop funding cruelty & death…your lifestyle doesn’t masquerade as compassion…you’re just as selfish & exploitative.