Once upon a time in a magical place there was an industrial farm.
It was filled with happy animals that had all volunteered to be
enslaved, raped, abused & murdered for your food.

The numbers continue to rise
Taking countless lives
Nothing is static
Inert tragic
Murdering is then, is now, just was, is almost
Hooks for hanging
Chains for hoisting
Bars for holding
Belts for moving
Throat cutter saw blade crimson
Conveyor carnage pinion
Volume of blood…
You want bird, pig or cow
Just don’t care how
It gets on your dinner table
Your happy farm yard fable
Your dollar enables
Another throat slit
Another quota hit
Another being bit it
Snuffed it
Cos you won’t quit
The bodies ain’t stacked
They’re cellophane packed
Stuck in the cold
An you’ve been told
They are lean, happy, organic
You were spared that they were
Deprived of light
Put up a fight

Horror funder
Death buyer
Murder maker
Blood letter
Cruelty consumer
Life taker
Earth hater