Lullaby lie

Tools are necessity
Tools don’t need
Living beings need
And bleed
Beings ain’t for using
Need no greasing
Not for eating, wearing or beating
Stainless steel
Doesn’t feel
Utilitarian view
Is a rather skewed
View of life
Those that are weaker
Those that protest
In a language different than yours
Their screams do not jar you
Their blood doesn’t scar you
Your choice to dine on their bodies
Considered commodities
Yet, they’re families
Torn apart
A living being isn’t a gear in the murder machine
They don’t fit the role of the tool theme
They have the same needs as you & me
You’re just too blind to see
Food & water
Warmth & shelter
[…what’s a tool need?
…a shed?]
Animals don’t rust
They bite the dust
Animals don’t break
It’s their lives we take.

It’s a crying shame
And you are to blame
With your passivity
Your complicity
Static denial
Stuffing your hole
With lies you’re told
You are a saccharine eater
A frosting gorger
You dig ‘feel good’ shite
And fiction endings
You like that…
Pretty things
Songs to sing
A diamond ring
The things that numb
Keep you dumb
Static hum
In your drone filled nest.

Go #vegan #DigOutYourSoul
Open your eyes.

It ain't a matter of perspective...
It ain’t a matter of perspective…