Hunter gatherer with an iPhone

This morning I got an iMessage from my cousin.
He is in a tree stand equipped with scent bait, weapon…waiting for a hapless deer to wander through its fucking home.
He is also animal serial killing in an entirely different state.
So, he is pumping our states money into another states economy to sate his bloodlust.

He is an animal serial killer.
He always fucks with me about veganism.
For all intent & purposes, this man is my true brother, i love him & tho he is a zombie.

We went back and forth for a bit, as per usual.
I was prepared.
I am a voice for the voiceless.
I know my shit.

This time he went as far to defending the right of plants.
I replied that plants do not have brains & pain has NEVER been known to exist in the absence of a brain.
It is also unlikely that plants developed the capacity to feel pain cos plants cannot flee from danger.
But, Like i tell all those that troll me on twitter- if you’re REALLY a plants rights activist YOU MUST become a vegan cos far more plants are killed to raise farm animals than if humans ate the plants directly. (This is a static post on my blog)
Then (because he is a dog/cat lover) i added that I didn’t realize that he would equate a sentient being to a radish.

Then he began spewed out some fish & game propaganda.
He messaged a lot about the service he is providing for the ‘starving deer population’.
See…hunters claim that they’re doing a favor to deer herds to prevent starvation.
I replied-
Yet statistically- hunting fails to reduce suffering.
For every deer killed, 2 are wounded to die a slow death.

Blood trail. This don't look like prevention of suffering.
Blood trail. This don’t look like prevention of suffering.

And, why isn’t hunting limited to times when deer may face starvation?
It’s not, & hunters do not kill deer at risk for starving.
They kill the biggest trophy deer.
The strongest, which weakens to herd.
Deer are physiologically designed to survive seasonal food shortages.
Fish & game management policies are all bullshit.
Game management policies designed to eliminate predators & artificially provide habitat & resources for game species.
Read a fish & game website….
Money racket.

That said…
Animal serial killers ain’t keen on academia or logic…as this throws a wrench in their argument.
He just texted me that his …’food shits on my food…’
His ‘food’ literally shits on itself, sleeps in its own shit, it is fed & eats its own shit, its shit is run off into water supplies, its shit destroys lakes (& all the lives of lake inhabitants) with highly toxic nitrogen, its shit is filling the atmosphere with greenhouse gases.
That’s the real shit, as shitty as it is.
Zombie shit for brains.
He sent me a video of a diminutive lone deer & said he was letting this one go.
(What a beauty, deep brown eyes, long lashes, looking for food…completely unaware of the human up in the tree with an itchy trigger finger.)
Yet, according to the fish and game website-
this IS the deer that ‘should’ be killed.
Small, alone, no herd strength…this IS the deer that will most likely not survive the winter.
This IS the deer that will linger-slow, cold, starving…until succumbing.
He messaged that he hunts to survive…
I replied-
You missed my point…all of my points, actually
And you aren’t reliant on hunting to survive
Otherwise you wouldn’t eat ice cream, bread, or shop in stores, go on vacation
It’s just a front…you enjoy killing animals.
I am an animal activist on social media and every day am confronted with hunters with all your arguments.
They, too, completely ignore any academia or logical dispute. (Cos it’s always in favor of the animals)
You are pouring Vermont money into Massachusetts economy just to sate your need to kill.
Regardless if you eat it or not…you do not necessitate hunting for survival. Especially with your iPhone…you ain’t a hunter gatherer.
Not inside of modernity…you ain’t a nomad.
He messaged me that ‘it’s better than them running into the road and getting splattered’….

I replied I was blogging about him…

GO #vegan #DigOutYourSoul