easy peasy kimchi

Since my fridge is currently bereft of kimchi (grumble grumble)
I’m gonna post my kimchi recipe (I’m in mourning)
Yeah, it’s vegan…
-Super easy
-Super delish
If y’all are keen on making kimchi, you probably know there are a lot of different methods…well, ingredients more like
I don’t do the whole boiling the rice mixture…nah
I just soak the cabbage, Purée the ingredients…then boom.
Usually, 3 days later kimchi perfecto.
The rice mixture seems like an ass pain to me anyway, & also is completely unnecessary.
So, this is completely raw & filled with probiotics.
…& did I mention beyond addictive?
I eat it several times a day.

Look at me, running my mouth…I’ll just get on with it.
[oh, and I may make it a lot like you do, or totally different than you]

The shit you need:
-1 head napa cabbage (I try to get those behemoth sized cabbages)
…oh, and do not lose your shit & freak out if it has ‘black freckles’…just a natural reaction to changes in climate. No biggie. Some have teeny black spots, some don’t.
-6 cups of water
-1 apple
-some fresh ginger
-sea salt
-fresh garlic cloves
-vadalia or white onion

1. Dissolve 1/4 cup of sea salt into 2 cups of water
2. Chop your cabbage into 2-3″ pieces cos they shrink whilst doing their fermenting thang
3. Put your chopped cabbage into the salt water and then pour 4 cups of water in & mix well with your ape hands to coat it well. Then cover that shit up and let it soak for at least 4 hours-mixing every now and again. When you take a stalky piece, it should be pretty flexible & bend as opposed to crisply breaking.

When your cabbage has gotten all shriveled and bendy, y’all can start your yummy concoction. (Keep in mind you are your kimchi master…it’s all to taste. I like ginger, but I don’t love it…so if you love it, add more. Etc…mostly etc)

In a food processor purée:
-a sweet apple (I’ve also used pears…holy hell, nummy with both)
-1/2 the onion
-1/2 a teaspoon of minced ginger
-5 to 6 cloves of fresh garlic
-the white parts of 3-6 scallions (yum)
-1/4-1/2 cup of the salty cabbage water

Once you have whizzed all of those into oblivion…well, not really…just into a paste, then you add gochugaru.
(You could add it to the processor with everything else…I just kinda prefer to see the flakes on the kimchi.)

Drain your cabbage & toss to coat it well with the mixture.
Use it all, don’t be skimpy.
Now chop the scallion greens any ol way you like & throw them in.

Put the kimchi into a hugemungous glass jar with a lid…or, a shit load of little glass jars with lids.
Keep in mind; if you’re brand spanking new to making kimchi, then leave some goddamn space at the top…like 2″.
Cos it’s gonna bubble & leak when you least expect it.

Use a wooden handle/spoon to push the kimchi down well…keep turning the glass jar to ensure that there ain’t big pockets of air.

Cover & DON’T screw the lid on very tight…just loosely on.
Fermentation will make it near impossible to unscrew.
Ya gotta release the gases for the next few days & continue to re-push down the kimchi.
It’s also a good idea to put a plate or some other liquid catching thingy under the jar(s).

If you did it right…you’ll start to see teeny weeny bubbles & you’ll hear the gases leaking…the kimchi is ALIVE!

Check in on day 2 & Taste a piece…some folk don’t fancy really sour kimchi. I do. Oh, you can eat it as soon as you make it, too.

3 days on the counter is magic for me.

When you like it, stick that shit in the fridge & gorge until shamed.

It’s good for your guts.

Get your ass in the kitchen. GO #vegan #DigOutYourSoul