New account

Jane Doe loathes the rodeo
Jane Doe fights the good fight
Campaigns for what is right
Against all animals plight

Jane Doe
Targeted-who by?

Treacherous ones
Trail of breadcrumbs
Lies from fork tongues
Your time will come

You sniveling shit
You lurking lowlife
Your character is split
You enjoy strife

You are driven by hate
Circulate what you fabricate
As does your army
To disarm me
Try to harm me
….fucking hardly….

You surround yourself
With a crowd of weak minds
All kinds
Lies blinds
Not a mastermind
Behind a keyboard you hide
I’ll remind
That I find
Your kind
To malign

From hate mongering
Story telling
Couth Lacking
Filth spreading
Blame laying
…time wasting…

You’re a hollow carrier of infectious ideas
Deluded bandwagon conformists

My lack of malice isn’t weakness
It’s a spotlight on your cheapness
Your sickness
Your secrets
Ain’t so secret
Your meanness

Your pointed Finger reveals lots about you

Nasty & cowardly
Fundamental dishonesty
Handing out untruths
As if they were candy
[you tell a million lies to protect the main lie]

You vilify me
Targeted me
Til Twitter suspended me
But it won’t silence me
I won’t cease to be
….y’all ain’t stopping me.


Vegan Abolitionist Animal activist, AntiSpeciesist, artist, poet, writer, chronic illness fighter

2 thoughts on “New account

  1. Loved it! You’re a constant inspiration, and you express my thoughts through your very strong words. I know that NOTHING can stop you, but I’m still pissed as hell at fucking Twitter. I’m sure you already thought of this, I would imagine you don’t want all of your new sheets attached to an account that Is widely seen, in case, god forbid, you should again be suspended. Going to do some rodeo tweets now, assuming that those with a lot of white are new. Thanks for everything you do and just being who you are, Heidi.

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