Demented rodeo show

Hot shot

A small device
Contact point precise
High voltage strike
Calf run for their life
Bulls try to fight
Horses take flight
Back breaking height
To escape
The torture device
Demented rodeo delight

Scarring contact point
Pressed on conductive skin
Demented rodeo win

1,000 white hot needles
Cowardboy evils
…and, hey, it ain’t legal
Regulation breaking
Against manufacturers intention
Rule violation
Cattle prod
Precursor to the stun gun
Demented rodeo fun

Electric prod
[favored by torturers]
Used to excite
& incite
Bucking frenzy
It’s downright
Animal cruelty
Animal victims
Extreme distress
Pain & stress
Furiously try to escape
the source of their pain
Rodeo shame

Cowardboys shock the shit outta rodeo animals.
Cowardboys shock the shit outta rodeo animals.

Factoid: PRCA rules state direct violation to prod animals in chutes…but, that’s for public relations. Shocking animals in chutes is rife in rodeo & is well documented. The manufacturer is opposed to use of prods in rodeos & on horses.
Rodeo is #AnimalCruelty & must be consigned to history. #OpRodeo

Vegan Abolitionist Animal activist, AntiSpeciesist, artist, poet, writer, chronic illness fighter

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