The scoop on the…mini coop

It has been 3 months since adopting a second rescue pigeon.
If ya ain’t up to speed…I’ve lived with a rescue pidge for 4+ years & have wanted a mate/roommate for him.
The right opportunity need to come up as I would never purchase a pigeon.
That opportunity came up…made arrangements, and boom-Pidge #2.
Also, name change.
I adopted ‘Gur’, but his name has since evolved into ‘Little Puss’.
Couldn’t tell ya why the flock that happened…


Perhaps y’all have been chomping on the bit to hear new pigeon tales from the mini coop?
Maybe you’re teeming with pidge questions…I know I would be.
Are they bffs?
They do not preen one another. They eat & bath with one another.
Any eggs in the future?
They shit a lot, don’t they?
Yeah, little turd balls. Bunny poop size.
What the hell do ya do with pigeons, anyway?
Enjoy their company.

I do have pigeon tales…a lot of them.
Pigeon tails? Only 2 of them.
Hardy har.

A lot has unfolded in the last 3 months.
Keep in mind that BB has been a single pidge for many years.
Bachelorhood for him equated to EVERYTHING IS MINE!
I can’t even imagine what was going on in his little bird brain in the early days.
Maybe he didn’t even know he was a pigeon.
It is quite possible that BB felt like a king or god.
I mean, really, think about it…
A giant repeatedly coming into your grand palace (hey, a library is hugemungous to a wee pidge)
They fawn over you-covering you with kisses, holding & petting you
They make all sorts of worshipping type sounds whenever you do, well, anything really
They hand feed you safflower seeds & brown rice.
They run warm baths for you in an Olympic size pool (bathtub).
They tuck you into bed & greet you every morning.
(Yeah…he probably felt like some kind of feathered idol…a cooing god.)
Then, one day….
The door to your kingdom opens.
It’s the giant again…she has come to feed…er….wtf is that?!?
The giant is holding some thing that looks like you…she is fawning over this…this….OTHER king.
[Enter pigeon drama]
To keep this post shorter, I’ll spare y’all the hilarity of pigeon drama.
I will share a couple of my favs (so far) with these 2 adorable, feathered assholes.
The first month was chock full of pidge antics, turf claiming, seed flinging, bowing, preening, & strutting.

Air shows
They’re quite popular around these parts.
In an air show, either BB or Puss will be doing whatever pigeon thang in that moment, while the other would approach from behind, real stealthy like, getting as close in proximity as possible and seconds before detection would burst into flight.
…ultimately scaring the bejesus outta the other pidge.
This weirdo tactic was, and is to this day, a favored maneuver.
Its safe to say-Pigeons get off on scaring other pigeons.

The basket

There was a wicker basket in the pigeon kingdom which has laid on its side ignored & unused for years.
Enter Puss. Game changer.
BB took a sudden interest in the basket when Puss first got in and started to get cozy.
The look on BBs face was priceless. WTF!
He took flight, landed, then quickly ran in to challenge Puss.
What ensued was a clash of the titans type battle for the basket.
With wings flapping & wind whipping…literal feathers flying…my hair blowing around. (I thought of the game of thrones dragons fighting over some manky CG lamb carcass.)
This basket is the shit, & Puss laid claims on it.
I broke up one fight over the basket. I mean, they can’t really ‘hurt’ one another….but, the heart of these two little guys is unwavering.
Readers digest version;
BB conceded. Puss the victor.
Basket drama over.
It’s a factoid-Pigeons are hugely territorial.