Anti-vegan argument

Ditch dairy, asshole.
Ditch dairy, asshole.

It is easy to refute
Any anti-vegan argument
It’s just their excuse
Common reaction to disarmament
There are moments they pardon
and bargain
Their polemic is deficient
& inadequate

You argue:
Nature is brutal
Wolves & lions kill
Argument futile
They don’t kill for the thrill
Blood they spill
Ain’t for dollar bills
Pattern human behavior
after animals in all context?
Then kill with your claws
Go ahead- eat it raw
Roll in rotting carrion
& don’t forget to eat somebody’s shit
It surely would benefit
your argument
Yet you omit
Comparing all of it
& then throw a fit
Lickety split
One way guilt trip ticket.

You argue:
Look at my pointed fangs!
They hang…
Ready to rip open a jugular
as easy as biting into a cucumber
Pig & cow
Throat slice bullet
Bills from your wallet
Their guts in a bucket
Fried on a skillet
Tempting your palate
Slide down your gullet
Into your stomach
Selfish indulgent
Your views are virulent

You argue:
Laws ensure factory farms are humane
Intrinsically inane
Suffering pain
is plain
For eyes that can see
Beastly misery
Carnism devotee
Dominionistic VIP
Staggeringly lacking empathy

You argue:
Supremacist ideology
No carrion
Chicken egg barbarian
Perpetuates discrimination
Happy farm animal narration
Human dominion
Sorry, half-hearted veggie
Your half assed attempt
Just ain’t good enough
Open your eyes up
Time to wake up
& fess up
Suck it up, buttercup
You’re stuck
& fucked up.

#DigOutYourSoul GO #vegan