Compassion contract


It’s short term.
I’m sure you are well aware of ‘meatless mondays’ & ‘veganuary’.
Many groups and individuals use these hashtags on social media as a means, I suppose, to spread a vegan message.
It ain’t, ultimately, an abolitionist message.
Nope, nada.
I wanted to address this for a few reasons…
I don’t feel that short term vegan contracts do jack shit for opening people’s eyes to industry cruelty.
The majority of the comments I see attached to these hashtags are rooted in ego, not empathy.
It is much more about ‘diet’ than it is the cessation of viewing animals through an aquinas aperture. Mere machines to be used.
The fact that full fat dairy Ben & Jerry’s made your ass fat is held in higher regard than being resistant to dairy calves being brutalized, cows being confined/raped/tortured.
And hey, speaking of cows…meatless Monday’s are followed by Tuesday… and cos you did so well you might treat yourself to a cheese burger.
Fuck hashtags.
Don’t get me wrong, I am all for spreading a vegan message.
I am all for educating omnivores to the horrendous conditions animals suffer through until their short life is brutally ended.
However the vegan message to be spread is absolute….it ain’t a gig, it ain’t a diet, it ain’t a hashtag trend.
I cannot fully embrace meatless mondays or veganuary.
“On Monday I agree to not fund the enslavement/torture/murder of other beings.”
…but condone it for the rest of the week.
Or, even better, for the remaining 6 days only consume humanely killed, free range once living beings.
Fucking really?
Nah. I can’t subscribe to that diluted feel good shit.
I’ve gotten the argument that there might be some new vegan converts.
Sure, I agree, but ultimately it is just as harmful as the humane propaganda pushed around as a means to masquerade & market compassion.
How about-
On Monday’s let’s be empathetic & during January let’s be kind and not consider other beings fried flesh as ‘yummy’ or their frozen lactations as ‘delish’?
A step further and we can introduce skin free Saturday, a day in which leather consumers do not wear the skin of other beings for fashion.
Skin bag free Sunday may pop up…the interim designated for the abstaining of carrying around your makeup, gum, tampons & other miscellaneous shit in a literal bag made of skin.

…many vegans argue that it is a ‘step in the right direction’.
Is it really?

Let’s imagine nazi Germany-
Let’s imagine that there are groups & individuals pushing ‘baby steps’ campaigns for Jewish prisoners?
Would Ilse Koch NOT torture prisoners on Monday’s?
I think it’s safe to say no matter how many hashtags there were for the camps prisoners, The Witch of Buchenwald would still collect skin & be a fucking sadist.
Even if, then, ‘Jewanuary’ existed the gates of Buchenwald & auschwitz would remain closed & the chimneys would still be smoking….

I have been called ‘non-supportive’ & ‘critical’ for my lack of support of meatless Monday/veganuary.
Nope, I don’t support selfishness.
I don’t support half assedness, feigned integrity, a facade of compassion.
I am unabashedly an abolitionist.
I will not support your diet, your trend, your baby steps, or your fucking ego.
Animal liberation.
Humans must fully, completely do their very best not to cause unnecessary suffering.

Don't be a hollow zombie shit for brains.
Don’t be a hollow zombie shit for brains.

GO #vegan #digoutyoursoul