Sled dog

This is a collage of aerial views of Alaskan sled dog farming operations. Cha-Ching.
This is a collage of aerial views of Alaskan sled dog farming operations.

Sled dog farming
Annual culling
Life nulling
Sled dog puppy mills
Iditarod dollar bills
Dog death toll nils
Runt of the litter?
That ain’t a race winner!
Cull & toss its body in a river
Unprofitable laborer!
Exempt from protection
Sled dog livestock abjection
Too slow to win?
Bash it’s head in!
Too old to pull it?
Kick to death or bullet!
Pull that sled!
Musher whip hand
Till you’re dead
You’ll run on demand!
Do you goddamn understand?!

Iditarod dogs
Ain’t pet dogs
Hard, barren ground
Repeatedly paced on
Worn down
No amenities
An un-life of extremities
Slave dog asperities
Iditarod obscenity
Joe Redington legacy?
Beating dogs to death
Was his specialty
He killed dogs
To feed dogs
He shocked dogs
Media vs truth


Corporate sponsors
Big cash suppliers
Money funding mushers
Vile monsters
Show kennels
Surreptitious kennels
They’re hidden…
NO Public admission
Foot long tethers
Chained together
At prison base…
By human waste
I’ll reiterate-
Iditarod race


Always peer behind the media curtain.

iditarod & yukon quest factoids:

sled dogs are raced to death

sled dogs are kept hidden, on properties with no residences

Alaska EXEMPTS sled dogs from ANY protection laws (they’re classified as livestock)


img_5465 img_5586 img_5587


This tether allows approximately 12" for movement.
This tether allows approximately 12″ for movement.

Vegan Abolitionist Animal activist, AntiSpeciesist, artist, poet, writer, chronic illness fighter

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