Animal Advocacy

Educating on speciesism
Abolitionism is veganism
Animal activism 

Each new day
A fresh avalanche of reports, video, pictures, news stories
Violence toward animals
Whether entrenched in
-society’s individual sadists
….all cruelties.

The deck is heavily stacked against us.
Some days I feel as though I am at the bottom of a very deep & dark well.
I’m a shell
Inundated with the suffering & blood of the innocent
I cry, am incensed
I will not relent
I am in need of a balance
Balm mental soreness
Soothe emotional numbness
It is traumatic
It is painful
Defending the vulnerable
It is difficult to look at the pictures
The horrors that have been captured
…..imagine, being the one featured?
I choose to expose myself to trauma after trauma
I choose to spend my time educating others
…sometimes wishing I could beat it into their thick skull & empty heart
It is fucked up
It is so wholly unfair

Create something beautiful as a means to recover.

Take comfort knowing that you are not alone
If your voice is for the voiceless
Know that I am right beside you
Others are, too
Echoing you
Strengthening you
Fighting alongside you

Sharing the path with you