Commandeering the bathroom

Pigeon drama…kinda

The bathroom.
A once neutral zone complete with a community swimming pool (tub) has been officially declared.
Property of Puss.
What that boils down to is him strutting around the bathroom, cooing his head off triumphantly.
(I have to stifle my laughter)
Little Puss- marching, shoulders hunkered down with determination, his little brown eyes shimmering with territorial pride…
…on ceramic , ultimately, it looks like he is ice skating.

His little pigeon feet sliding as he walks on the smooth tile.
What a riot.
No preemptive move on BBs part.
BB now, due to Puss’ bold move to claim dominion, bathes alone once again.
I guide a marching Puss out and usher BB in & close the door. BB splashes solo. I scoop & drop water on him as he stretches and raises his wing up so that I can splash his armpit….wingpit.
Before you consider throwing shade at Puss for being a bathroom bully, I’ll add that BB has no desire to hang out in there. Aside from taking baths, and occasionally taunting Puss, BB just isn’t interested. He normally stands about a foot away from the open door, staring cautiously into the dim abyss that to him has been conceived of by the legions of pigeon hell.
That, and there is no window in there. BB is a windowsill kinda pigeon guy. In fact, after his bath, the sills are his go to spots for laying and drying off. He watches the dove flock that I feed, along with other birds, red & grey squirrels. You can put money on it, if it is snowing, BB is on a sill, watching it fall.
Puss is now nesting on a casually dropped bath towel. His head bowed, his wings twitching, crop puffed to maximum capacity, low cooing.
He digs his newly acquired space.