What it is

‘Vegan’ 5 days a week?

That’s living a life of ‘fuck you’
Animals forsaken
You consume them
On the weekend
You’re fucking mistaken
You ain’t a vegan
If you occasionally eat
Sentient beings.

You’re plant based & pliant
You’re just on a diet
For your ass or the climate
Remaining biased
Human beings-the highest
Supreme earth Goliath.

You ain’t redefining vegan
For your selfish reason
No movement regression
To suit your supremacist union
Within the dominionism institution

Causing some hell…
Just for a spell…
You cannot dispel-
You’re compounded shit
You’re a turd turned to brick
Can ya even breath
In a stench so thick?
Weekday ‘vegan’
& more lives taken
Deciding to squander animal life
& sponsor their slaughter
You fucking weekend monster.

GO #vegan #DigOutYourSoul
GO #vegan

There ain’t no redefining ethics & compassion.
Y’all ain’t vegan…you’re (mostly) plant based.
5 days a week, you selfish fucking asshole.
You consciously fund & defend animal cruelty, confinement & murder.