Ban coyote killing contests

Vermont hunters & farmers claim the coyotes will kill all of our pets & all of the livestock!!
(Enter jaws music)
<Cue mass panic of a population of fucking gullible ignorant morons>
So, what can we do?
Oh, I know!
Hunters & farmers can blame coyotes (I.e. natural predators) with hopes that they can gun down even more animals, both the predator AND the prey. [scope, HS precision, killing power, 200 yard shots, neck gaiters, scent controlled clothing, bug proof, 3-D clothing, insulated gloves, PVC, waterproof]

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The Vermont coyote murder-fest weekend, which is happening now, illustrates exactly why people must continue to oppose unnecessary & abysmal slaughters.
Coyote kill contests are propagated via morally bankrupt & horseshit assumptions about coyotes, their behavior & the impact that isn’t validated by any recent scientific study.
The Vermont hunting community is shoveling out some seriously stanky, inaccurate information, wild assumptions, & lore, legend, myths which do nothing but demonize coyote & spark fears about the natural predators & their roles in the eco system.
One asinine claim made by pro coyote massacre advocates is that killing coyote (in a contest) will reduce conflicts with farmers that own livestock.
Well, the mass hysteria generated by Vermont farmers with tales of coyotes stealing babies in the night, you’d think that we are all in dire jeopardy from coyote predation.
Truth bomb, the actual number of farm animals killed each year by coyotes is minor, especially if y’all compare it to farm animal deaths from disease, neglect, human predators, or even (oh no, say it ain’t so) domestic dogs.
But, vermont farmers historically have always been successful in externalizing their costs on to the land, the lake, the river, & on taxpayers.
Should it not be their responsibility to reduce predator conflict?
Nah, not in Vermont.
Farmers here are so familiar with having their asses sucked that they have no incentive to help themselves.
Why should they change animal husbandry (vile) practices when they can get vermont animal serial killers to kill predators for them for free & even get state support to shell out taxpayer dollars to cover losses that were most likely avoidable?
Coyote kill contests are nothing more than grotesque indiscriminate killing (that’s hunting for ya), & it actually exacerbates livestock/predator conflict.
Fucking fact.
The hunter/serial killer community claim that coyote must be managed, by humans, just like other state wildlife
management programs.
Another cold hard fact; predators are not like other wildlife.
Coyote are behaviorally different than deer. Wow. Science.
The killing of bear, wolves, coyote (etc) destabilizes predator/prey animals social structure.
Murdering predators changes their populations, which biases to young animals that are not skilled hunters.
Essentially, they are forced to predate upon livestock in order for their survival.
Coincidentally when predators populations are smaller (as a result of mass fucking murder) they have a hard time defending their kills/food from other predators…so, in the end what this means is that they are more likely to kill new prey animals (cats/dogs/etc).
Wanna spare your kitty cat or doggie a brutal death from a wild predator?
Be responsible & don’t negligently toss their asses outside to rub elbows with wildlife, including, duh, predators.
Easy peasy, huh?
Maybe hunters will let it slip next how adept coyote are at picking house door locks so that they are able to devour secured pets right in their living rooms.

Oh well…
Here’s some facts about coyote in Vermont:

-The howl of coyotes can usually be heard on winter nights, especially during mating season in February. They usually begin breeding at two years of age, & most often, mate for life.

(the Vermont coyote kill is RIGHT now….when coyotes are mating, finding LIFELONG mates)

He kills to survive. Not for sport. Not for fun. Not for a prize. live.
He kills to survive.
Not for sport.
Not for fun.
Not for a prize.
…to live.

-The Eastern coyote (Canis latrans)moved eastward from west of the Mississippi and first appeared in Vermont in the late 1940s. It is generally larger than its western ancestor because it gained size by breeding with Eastern wolves (Canis lycaon) in southern Canada before it moved into our area. Our resulting Eastern coyote has evolved with the coyote’s adaptability in being able to live close to people and eat a variety of foods while its larger size enables it to survive in our deep-snow winters.
-Male coyote weigh between 30-40lbs, females average around 30lbs.
-The coyote plays an important role in Vermont’s ecosystems.
-Studies have shown that between birth and one year, as many as 50 to 68 percent of coyote pups die.
-Although a coyote may kill a fawn or deer in deep snow, it will also readily eat the carcass of a dead deer and other dead animals.
*The above info was taken from Vermont fish & game website…tho you’ll likely never hear a hunter share this, as this bit of info wouldn’t strengthen their case. The information is there, tho. Read it.

I am very lucky that I live in a heavily wooded area. I’ve had the pleasure, many nights, to hear the howls & yips of coyotes communicating. And, since there is an open season/kill them day or night/poison them/bait them/lure them/no limit on coyote bodies…I’ve also heard multiple gunshots, dozens in the darkness, only to end the sounds of the coyotes. In my 4 years in the woods, I’ve seen signs of coyotes, but have never seen one in the flesh.

Before I beg you to speak out for coyotes…I just wanna add that the ONLY time I fear for Rommels safety, is when hunters disregard my ‘No Trespassing’ signs (a lot of them, too) & interlope onto my property/into Rommels back yard.
Equipped with state of the art technology ‘boom sticks’, they plod around my private property woods with guns. Fuckers.
Be a voice for coyotes.
Protest ANY animal ‘killing contest’.
Do your own research & don’t let some jack off scare you with a ‘big bad coyote’ story.
They’re the size of a fucking sheltie.
The hunter propaganda that coyote prey on fawns…they’re predators, people. They must kill to survive.
Humans gun down mother deer, father deer…for sport. Contest.
…If they claim it’s for survival, then follow them to their dual cab truck, look at the floor littered with mc Donald bags, soda bottles, candy bar wrappers potato chip bags, empty paper coffee cups…& have a fucking catharsis.