I recently saw a YouTube video where a vegan invited a non-vegan to taste test vegan burgers.
They offered the guest, at least, 10 options.
While chowing down, the non-vegan would chime in their thoughts on whichever burger of the moment they had shoved into their facehole.

Non-vegan burger reviews were some of the following-
…had a nice flavor
…was not at all cardboard like
…looked real
…really good

Blah blah blah

The reason I am writing about this is due to one single comment.
A comment that really made my ass twitchy.

At one point, while chewing (eyebrows raising, head nodding)
the non-vegan said …’it tastes really good, but, it doesn’t have the right mouthfeel’…

Selfish audacity.

Ah, I see…
It just isn’t the same as chewing on a corpse.
That’s their clincher?
That is what is preventing them from ceasing to participate in animal cruelty & murder?

The excuse of mouthfeel seems a tad bit fucking trivial, eh?
Demented & bizarre complaint when in actuality the issue is the needless murder of conscious animals.

…taste bud indoctrination.

Oh man….I really love animals, and hate cruelty…but, it doesn’t feeeeeeeeeel the same when I’m masticating. Grumble, grumble.

Well, dang.

Mouthfeel= products of slavery, tortured & murdered animals so you can chew on hunks of their corpses.
Mouthfeel= Ego-mania & greed
Mouthfeel= Thug mentality

Go vegan
Ya filthy human