Scream for it

Cows lactation
Chicken ovulation
Sugar infusion
Human concoction
Metaphors for cruelty
At times will
Elude me
I am back…with an ice cream recipe
A full on dairy specialty!

For this recipe you’ll need the following ‘ingredients’:
-A blind obedience
-Brain (just the teeniest)
-A proclivity to what’s easiest
-male chickens ground in a macerator
-Hen (no aesthetics’s to debeak her)
-Crippled, raped bovine
-Day old male calves (Hammered or *crated, either is fine)
*anemic infant cow
-A lot of cane sugar…bone char cooker
(Heart string tugger? Or, saliva trigger?)

To start;
Take a cluster of chicken ova…
…or, yolks
(For you ‘feel good’ metaphor folks)
Pour in the stolen from calves milk
That ought be easy, for people of your ilk
Whisk! Whisk! Whisk!
It’s all in the wrist
…actually it ain’t…
It’s cos you insist
That dairy persist
The truth you dismiss
& refusal to coexist

Cook it up in a pot
Medium flame, so I don’t clot
You don’t want your pus laden mixture
To look like snot

Now, finally
For the flavors to enhance
Add some vanilla beans
So your milk & yolk

Stop being a desensitized zombie shit for brains!
GO vegan