Right there with birds & primates; Pigs exhibit perspective taking.
Pigs follow other pigs to food sources, & sly liar pigs intentionally attempt to deceive other pigs,
so that they can keep their food secret.





Pigs are proven smarter than dogs.
Pigs intelligence is most often compared to that of a 3 year old human.
Bacon, ham, sausages…guess what? It ain’t no different than eating a toddler.


Wanna get educated on the emotions, cognition & personalities of pigs?
Here is an article to run your lamps over- ‘The Thinking Pig’

It is obvious (zombie shit-for-brains not included) that pigs all have different personalities.
Some pigs show aggression, sociability, or are more explorative & open to new experiences.
All of these traits are also considered components of the human personality.


“What day is it?”
“It’s today,” squeaked Piglet.
“My favorite day,” said Pooh.

Pig emotional contagion.
Pigs perceive & reflect the emotions of the other pigs that they spend time with.
This is a trait that is shared with socially complex animals. (wolves, cetaceans, apes…etc)
…notice I didn’t mention humanoids?

Scientists have found that pigs can be optimists or pessimists, just like humans.

Truth laid bare…right here in front of ya.
Am I a preachy vegan asshole cos your actions cause suffering & death on a daily basis?

If you’re not vegan, WHAT are you?
Do these images question your love of animals, or your entire morality as a human being?


All of these images are the RULE, not the exception.

GO #vegan


Fatty McFatterson
Desensitized zombie
Shit for brains