You can catch more flies with honey, than you can catch with vinegar.



Too real?
Too harsh?
Y’all wanna eat the ribs but not see the pig they came from?
Prefer to live numb?
& dumb?

I am sorry
It is them, not me
You are just a choice, you see
You’re nothing else to society
My apologies
I will tell your story
I won’t polish it less gory
Guess it ain’t your fault you’re savory
& your body parts pair really well with sherry…

It is you that they repudiate
For you, it is just too late
The majority dictate
Your suffering does not negate
The fact that you just taste great
I will advocate
I’ll not be kind to those that put you on a plate

I sincerely apologize
For humans that brutalize
Please, realize
Your corpse is normalized
& when you’re advertised
The truth is disguised
I’ll spotlight their lies
I will not trivialize
I will personalize

In the meantime, know
I am not one of them
I won’t pretend
That egregious cruelty
Must be delivered elegantly…
With diplomacy…
Filled with pleasantry…
They should feel shame, you see