Easter bunny

The kiddos sure love Easter time.
Heck, adults dig it, too.

Y’all ever wonder what the Easter bunny does in his off-time?
I mean, he has 364 days all to himself after his big day.

Well, wonder no more!

Don’t you worry about ol Peter rabbit…
He has got tons of stuff going on, humans keep his little rabbit ass busy!

While tons of oh-so-cute baby bunnies are gifted to little humanoids during Easter, not all are kept.
Yeah, may come as a shocker, but bunnies are a 10 year (at least) commitment. Emphasis on commitment…
95% of the little beings don’t make it through their natural lifespan.

Why? They’re discarded like trash, they’re dropped at shelters, they’re advertised on Craigslist (a Favorite 1 stop shopping place for sadists, a playground filled with living ‘freebies’ that they can torture/kill/fuck/eat/etc.)


How does the Easter bunny occupy time between one Easter til the next?

Animal testing!
Bunnies excel at being tortured for really stupid L’Oréal experiments.

Live experiments on fully conscious bunnies.

Angora fur farming!
Bunnies fur ripped out while conscious…hey, people want their goddamn soft sweaters!

Bunnies get thrown back into rusted shit encrusted cages until they grow their fur back,
then, they take the torture train to repeato-ville.

Oh, and don’t forget…


Yep, bunnies gotta have their paws in everything, it would seem.

Bunny Industriousness-
Both meat & fur 2-for

Carpets, accessories, miscellaneous decoration!


So, now ya know!

Go Vegan

Dig Out Your Soul


Pet toys! Accessories! Decorations!
Bunnies…they’re everywhere.