Imagine that this is Oz.
You are standing, diminutively, In front of the great & powerful Oz.
You are both mesmerized & awe struck…such an impressive display.
There is fire & a commanding booming voice.
Do you shake & cower?
Do you shield your eyes?
Do you cry & struggle to stand while your knees knock together?
Or, do you rip the curtain open?
Because, if this were Oz…that is where you would find the truth.

Ain’t much different here.
You wield the almighty power of a fast internet provider.
Search engines. Endless data.
And yet, the mass majority of you…
Still. Eat. Animals.
Your becoming vegan is a moral imperative (this cannot be stressed enough)
-for the animals
-for the environment
-for the overall health of society
…the eradication of violence, sadism…
As much as it pains your self-absorbed ass to give up ‘your bacon’ & ‘your turkey’, you really ought
consider each and every aspect of what kind of ripple effect you cause when you proxy kill (buy meat).
You are paying the wages of people that are employed to kill & dismember sentient beings.
Therein lies your culpability.
You are a mere drop in the bucket of boundless assemblage of society.
What are you willing to not only allow in society, but, to directly fund?
Were you aware that killing for a living has been (and is) a catalyst for PTSD amongst slaughterhouse workers?
Do you consider yourself compassionate toward humans?
Stop demanding that they kill for you.
In 2007 there was a study done; the addition of a slaughterhouse in the area correlated with a spike in crime in surrounding areas.
Statistically, you cannot look the other way.
You are one of many.
You are a voice of society.
What kind of society do you want to live in?

And don’t go thinking you can coast through, self indulgently, just ‘being happy’.
No, you have a vital role.
You must be proactive.
Got kids?
Then get compassion.
I know, I know…
You ‘don’t care about farm animals’, or, the animals were ‘humanely killed after they lived a happy life’…
As a consumer, there is your disconnect.
Your happy, multi-colored lull of commercials…
Teeming buckets of golden & crispy chicken parts.
A porterhouse steak sizzling over an open flame.
A soft sesame bun being pressed onto a burger till the juices run.
For a slaughterhouse worker?
They are immersed in connectivity.
Covered in blood.
Their daily grind is murder after murder, as the clock ticks down to the end of their shift.
The blur of countless screaming, kicking, breathing, bleeding, wide eyed blinking beings they kill.
They stick, slice, cut, chop, dismember still warm corpses.
Meat so fresh that the nerves are still twitching.
Imagine, for a moment, what a planet of psychological weight that is?
Imagine the debasement.
Eroding the very humanity that our society is in such dire need of.
Since not everyone is a sadist, many slaughterhouse workers must employ an emotional dissonance.
The consequences of which are backed by a staggering collection of evidence.
-Domestic violence. That correlation ain’t a shocker.
Or, to you, is it? Just cos they slice & dice a pig shouldn’t mean that they are capable of beating the bejesus
out of their partner without flinching, should it?
-Anti-Social behavior, social withdrawal, isolation…also highly prevalent.
Gee, do you wonder why?
It is, after all, the murder industry.
In the U.S.A alone, there are 70,000+ slaughterhouse workers.
Hey, there’s a big meat demand.
Each one of those 70,000+ slaughterhouse workers kills several HUNDRED animals every HOUR…
…on a daily basis.
Psychologically eroding.
Morally debasing.
It is a pathology.
It is sadism.
Think about what you’re shoving into your face hole throughout the day.
The average American consumes a whopping 215lbs of meat annually.
Supply & demand.
In terms of an industry, slaughterhouses are unique due to the very nature of the business.
It is innate animal violence.
After a long shift of murdering hundreds of living beings, one slaughterhouse worker confessed that he …’dreamt of hanging his foreman upside down on the slaughterhouse line, & sticking him’…
Sticking, slicing, kicking, fucking, beating, killing….blur.
The most prominent literature addresses animal cruelty as a precursor to human violence.
I mean, duh, right?
Look at all the serial killers, cannibals, rapists…
all torture, killed, dismembered animals.
I suppose think of it as a warm up.

Is this guy a couple tofurky sandwiches short of a picnic? Or, right on par for his job?

So, eating animals.
Necessary evil?
Why don’t you corpse eaters think long & hard…
It ain’t just animals lives that your dollars pay to extinguish…
Do vegan animal advocates rub you the wrong way because of their compassion for non-humans?
What will vegan human rights advocates bring out in you?
What do you want to perpetuate?
What do you want for the near future?
More random acts of violence? More bestiality? More animal cruelty?
And don’t you goddamn dare think that buying corpse chunks from a locally sourced farm is the answer.
Nope, sorry Charlie.
That ain’t gonna absolve your selfish ass from complicity in all the gory nastiness.
Cold hard fact remains- Murder for your money.
Cold, hard corpse.
FYI- the majority of humanely source meat animals are murdered & dismembered in the SAME slaughterhouses that supply McDonalds, Arby’s, subway, etc…industrialized.
FYI- a lot of farms contract with USDA mobile slaughterhouses.
Yep…kill on site.
All compact & on wheels.
Murder mobile.
Mobile murder.
Anytime you see local, grass-fed, free range, humanely raised, hormone free, happy cows, giddy pigs, ecstatic chickens, etc…
Know this- there ain’t ever any mention, nor the slightest hint, that all of those beings were murdered by humans.
A lot of ‘cost’ in eating animals….
The animals that you never consider…
The human you never consider that kills the animals that you never consider…
So, what makes you feel better?
Humanely killed, or, high crime rates?

Well, shit, that don’t look humane…

Hey, the literature is out there…granted, you gotta pry yourself away from your Netflix binge…
But, no escaping the fact that you’re sharing space.
You’re plopped into society & mixing.
Who do you wanna rub elbows with?
And, most importantly, what do you want to fund?
Supply. Demand.

See life.
Don’t pay others to end lives.

GO vegan
Dig Out Your Soul