Sweet tooth fix


Boo Bear

Here is a wicked easy treat recipe for your dog friend(s).
These are Mr. Rommel Dogs ‘sweet tooth’ biscuits.
Easy peasy with four ingredients, anyone can make these babies.
They’re vegan (a.k.a. A compassionate dog treat). Hell to the yeah!
(This is a single batch, as Rommel is an only child…but, if you got multiple hairy children, double this shiz)

Oh, and Rommel eats these as a treat, not as food.
So, feed them as a treat so your wolf doesn’t take the canine train to FatDogsVille…

Set your oven to 375 degrees…
Grab a large bake pan/ biscuit tray thingy…ya ain’t gotta spray it or grease it, they won’t stick.

Y’all need:
1 Cup whole wheat flour
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 Cup peanut butter
1/2 Cup very hot water

(Tip- run hot water into your measure cup before you slap the peanut butter in…way less of a sticky mess)

Chuck all ingredients into a Mixing bowl and use a spatula to blend it together to make a happy mixture.

It should look like this

Dust your countertop with some wheat flour…

Roll out the dough into 1/4ish thickness

Choose the shape…
Hmmmm, dog bone or pudgy human?

Decisions, decisions…
Pudgy human for the win.

Keep cutting out the shape & rolling out dough until it’s a goner.
(If ya ain’t fancy or cookie cutter-less, then use a butter knife or pizza cutter)

Stick those little bite sized biscuit people on the tray & into the oven they go!

Bake for anywhere from 10-15 minutes…they should have a slight golden brown on them.
You can bake longer, too…just don’t burn them.
I ain’t in control of your biscuit cook time.

They’re crisp & nummy…erm, yeah, I snack on them.
I ain’t gonna judge you if you have a taste.

Let them cool & watch them drool!

Mr. Rommel ain’t known for his patience…

Wolf man preying upon crispy peanut butter pudgy human biscuits

So, there ya go…
Vegan biscuits to satisfy a sweet canine tooth!
Get your ass in the kitchen!

GO vegan
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