An unlife in hell
Few caring that they suffer
Which side are you on?

Staring down a gun
An innocent on death row
Do you pay for this?

The reality
Screaming in a pool of blood
Her blood on your hands


Goddamn it.
Admittedly, I’m feeling the weight of ARA burnout…but, I’ll plod on.  Promise.
I am currently amidst several projects, (all ARA) each pulling me in different directions, demanding my attention.
The burnout compounded by daily dumpings of photos like those above leave me filled, top full, with such aberration for social media.
Far too many strive for complacency…
This self-serving goal of ‘just being happy’…
Yeah. Ignorance is bliss, haven’t you heard?
I do not care about your heavily filtered selfie.
I cannot be bothered with your update about where you ate your lunch.
I have no interest in your new sneakers.
I don’t give a shit about your declaration of personal value & how happy everyone would be if they were just like YOU.

Take the blindfold off, dumbass.

Show some empathy.
Teach some empathy.
Humans make me weary with their selfishness.
GO Vegan
Dig Out Your Soul