Animal Violence



You heard the saying?

…Small injustices pave way for larger injustices…

Speaking of injustices…

How about a snippet of human violence toward animals?
Ya know, so all y’all speciesists can be in the loop.

I’ll start with Chilliwack cattle farm.
It’s in Canada. Big ol’ dairy farm.

Travis Keefer
Jamie Visser
Chris Vandyke
All laughed & cheered one another on while each of them:
Kicked & punched cows
Beat cows with canes & pipes
Ripped the hair out of cows tails
Lifted a cow by her neck with a tractor
Attached milking equipment to the testicles of several bulls on the farm.

For you dairy & corpse consumers; what do you expect?
The animal industries are INCAPABLE of self regulation.
Stop funding such horror.

Moving on…

In Miami Florida, 40 year old Sigman Hernandez beat the fucking bejesus out of a tiny yorkie dog.

You know, the little ‘bow in the hair’ teeny pooches?
He not only beat her, he strangled her, and on the publix garage video footage, he is seen stomping on her tiny body before he leaves the scene.
Her comatose body was found, & she was rushed to a vet. She had multiple broken ribs, her neck was swollen due to strangulation.
She died a few days later.

The vet named the tiny, lifeless girl dog ‘Lily’.
And, still…

Kim Settle Gallegos, 60 year old in Las Vegas

A whopping 38 felony counts of animal cruelty

Rescuers found 13 dead dogs, who all died of starvation and/or extreme heat.
They were able to liberate 27 Pit bulls

…and how many murders in order to be branded with a serial killer label?

Oh, that’s right, I forgot. I am silly. They’re just animals.

And, another…

(Pit bulls again, poor bastards…)

William Kincaid III from West Virginia

In 2012 he was convicted of animal cruelty due to his involvement in a dog fighting ring.
Now, arrested again for the same offense.
He claims he is ‘just breeding pit bulls to sell them’. (How sweet)
14 pits were confiscated from his home; the dogs had injuries consistent with that of dog fighting.

I’ll end with;

Seth Daniel Sook, 34 year old dairy farmer
6804 kickerville road, whatcom, WA

This peach starved more than 20 cows & pigs.
…for over six months, these poor beings lingered, suffering an agonizingly slow death.
One body of a starved pig was autopsied, and in her stomach was garbage & parts of corpses of other animals.

Ol’ Seth is facing 5 counts of first degree animal cruelty.  His yelp reviews page boasts 5 out of 5 stars…guess he makes one hell of a Sausage.

Oh, and an FYI, the humane society DID seize his animals.

However, I gotta wonder…will they just BBQ them all up for their next fundraiser for shelter dogs & cats?

That’s speciesism for ya…
There are countless reports, just like (if not worse than) these…every day.
And, really, take a nano second to ponder how many go unreported?

Truly, animal liberation is human liberation.
If you lack the ability to see that, ya got some serious denial happening.
Stop eating, wearing, & using animals.
ALL animals.

Open your eyes.

GO vegan
Dig Out Your Soul