People seem to think that chickens are stupid.
(…as if intelligence is a justification for slavery, abuse & murder….)
Chickens are very intelligent.

Y’all know I share space with pigeons…
So, it’s a safe bet to say I dig birds.
They’re fascinating.

Reminiscent of smarty pants Pidge, the chicken exhibits remarkable skills.

Here are some über cool chicken factoids:

– Chickens can solve complex problems.

– Chickens proven to be both cunning & deceptive. (Cluck cluck Cliar)

– Chickens show empathy toward other individuals when sensing danger.

– Chickens posses a feather packed vocabulary that scientists weigh ON PAR with primate species that utilize sophisticated signals.

– Chickens make decisions based on their own prior experiences.

– Chicken calls are both specific to objects & used broadly…(the way that we use words, man)

Here are some uncool chicken for food facts:

-The federal humane methods of slaughter Act requires animals be rendered unconscious prior to slaughter bird are specifically excluded. (Birds comprise more than 95% of ALL farm animals killed every year in the U.S.)

– Chickens are murdered around 42 DAYS old. (Chickens natural lifespan is around 15 YEARS!)
When they’re murdered, they’re still peeping like chicks.

– Chickens for food are genetically manipulated, forced to grow 65 times faster than their bodies would normally.
The vile industry continues to try to increase their growth rate.

– Chickens that are too sick or injured for food supply are dumped alive into mass graves.

– Chickens can be killed at a rate of 140 chickens per minute in slaughterhouses.

The ethical implications….

Chickens are intelligent.
Chickens are self aware.
Chickens are aware of others.
Chickens value their lives.
Moral consideration for the chicken.
Stop eating them.

GO Vegan

Dig Out Your Soul

Vegan Abolitionist Animal activist, AntiSpeciesist, artist, poet, writer, chronic illness fighter

3 thoughts on “Chickens

  1. I am currently doing a lot of interviews and most of the answers I receive for the justification of the death, suffering and slaughter of these animals is that they were created by humans to be eaten, thus we can eat them. This is how people think, it is crazy!

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  2. Thank you for speaking up for these remarkable and precious beings. I share life with 6 amazing chickens. When you interact with them closely all day long like I do, it is obvious how very intelligent and sweet they are. I adore them beyond measure. What humans do to these wonderful and special beings is evil and insane.

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