Wanna save lives?

Hunting is one of the last legal blood sports.

Take direct action & undermine hunters.

There are several things y’all can do.

First one is, of course, the biggie.
You wanna go big, don’t ya?

Buy yourself a hunting license…and, a gun & ammo.
Your prey during the animal murdering season?
Rotting tree stumps & dead trees.
Blast those fuckers!
Nice heads up for whichever poor bastard inoffensive species currently topping the ‘to murder’ list.
Your shots fired will send a warning to the animals to get the fuck outta the area fast.

*Don’t forget to drink a lot of water & frequently relieve yourself.

Speaking of piss….get a good sized mason jar & repeatedly piss in it…collect your piss until it’s full.
Bring that vessel filled with your own personal brand of deer repellent with ya for a walk in the woods where you are sure hunters frequent.

Golden showers….Ahahah

For a lot of animal serial killers, hunting takes place on public lands…preserves, etc.
You have equal rights to be there…just do your canine friend(s) a solid & leave them safe at home.
Pissed of animal killers with guns will most likely seek vengeance.
A mere animal cruelty charge will not stop them, & it’s super easy to declare an accident.
Haven’t you ever heard of a hunter lying?
Google Walter Palmer…[vile scumbag]
Check your state fish & game website for hunting start dates.
Grab a duffle bag & fill that fucker to the brim with:

-a hatchet
-box cutter, or any sharp knife
-fluorescent paints
-fragrant soaps
-underarm deodorant
Whatcha gonna do with that sundry of goodies?

Use the hatchet to dismantle tree stands & ground blinds.
Use the box cutter to shred ground blind textiles, & to slice the strap that is stabilizing the tree stand.
Abuse your inner artist & get creative with funky, bright paints. Thus giving deer a heads up with an unnatural colors/scents.
Rub the soap on trees, grate the soap & sprinkle it up to 30′ around known hunting spots.
Shave slices of soap with your knife as you meander through the fauna, leaving a stinky-to-deer trail behind you…
Hansel & Gretel style.
Same as above for deodorant…rub or spray trees, blinds, etc.
Perfume…ditto. Douse the remnants of a fabric ground blind in some vile ew de Parfüme. (Yes, ‘ew’ was intentional)

Now, if ya don’t wanna give your dough to the state fish & game department, y’all got plenty of other alternatives.

Hunting seasons deter some folks from frequenting public lands, but don’t let it stop you.
Be encouraged.
Consider their eagerness to gun down innocent animals to be a personal invitation to join the hunters in the woods.
R. Fucking S.V.P. & show up!

Wear some nice bright orange, or dress like a rainbow unicorn.
Wear a shitload of perfume.
>>ALWAYS bring your duffle bag.<<
Go alone or, with some friends donning brightly colored clothes.
Hell, bonus points for heading a group of people on a Sasquatch hunting expedition.
Remember, your voice will carry down long stretches of field.
Deer have wicked good hearing…take advantage of that.
Be creative…
….maybe you have whooping cough in the woods on the first day of deer season. Whoopsie pertussis.
….maybe you have to take a huge shit. When ya gotta go, ya gotta go.
….maybe your cellphone just won’t stop ringing.
If you’re with friends…keep texting one another & set volume on high.
Play your favorite soundtrack.
Keep it fun, enjoy yourself & laugh.
The sound of your chortle will alert the animals….that is, if your stanky ass perfume didn’t already.

Keep your eye peeled for food plots.
Conniving killers go to great lengths to lure hungry animals to locations to extinguish their lives in a bloodbath.
Ruin the food plots any way that you can, or, at the very least, deter with foul scents.

During your time in the woods, you might happen across little pencil eraser sized orange dots on trees.
These are reflective & utilized by hunters as a means to orient.
…marking their trail to/from their killing ground.
Pull them out & pocket them.
Don’t forget the facts:
Be non-violent
Be safe
Be inconspicuous
If you are planning to dismantle/destroy stands & blinds, be vigilant & conceal your face. Many hunters use game cameras so that they can record their victims prior to murdering them.
Check your states ‘Harassment laws’. Yeah, whine ass hunters will cry harassment faster than you can say ‘plaster saint’.

Bottom line…if you have the means, then do not hesitate.
Get your ass out there & hunt the hunters via sabotage.
Save lives.
They ain’t gonna stop killing…
So, stop them from killing.

Dig Out Your Soul
Animal Liberation


Legal Disclaimer:

This was written for my own entertainment, & general interest.  I didn’t write it to encourage any of the activities I have described in the above post, man.  I just thought ‘what the fuck, why not’, so, I wrote it.  I would never, ever conceive of encouraging animal activists to use not only proven, but HIGHLY effective methods to help save the lives of innocent beings.  Yeah, I might feel that hunters turn once dulcet woods into a medieval shit hole….but, I know it is totally wrong to destroy the tools that they use for murder.

Just have a laugh while reading, & remain inactive & wholly apathetic.

When you’re vegan but love to hunt.