Kudos to the middle school student for refusing to dissect a frog
It’s cruel
It’s wrong

…Hey, fuck off, vegan! Don’t you dare lie to me!
Farming isn’t cruel
Or, wrong
Eating meat & milk is necessary
For a healthy body
It’s my choice, you see…


Self proclaimed animal lover
A foodie, on a journey of self discovery
Gonna tour Faroe Islands in the summer
Hates fur & the people that wear it
Carries an alligator skin bag
& loves Ted Nugent
Thinks rodeos are cruel
Loves SeaWorld dolphin shows
Arby’s three cheese steak sandwich makes them drool
Pro planned parenthood protests
Buys exotic fish to stick in an aquarium
Fears those evil eco-terrorists
Mad a peta for euthanizing strays
Wants to purchase a german sheprador [or, a Gerberian Shepsky is cute, too!]
Uses weed killer pump sprays
Recycles to save the ocean
Buys tuna & eggs
Has a chicken in the oven, roasting
Calf-skin car interior
Buys lots of fireworks
If it ain’t grass-fed, it’s inferior
Doesn’t have a clue…
That they’re selfish
Not the slightest inkling
They’re cruel


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