Vermont Bestiality Law


Very happy to let y’all know Vermont has a shiny, brand spanking new law explicitly banning humans from sexually abusing animals.

(I couldn’t be happier if I were twins….erm, scratch that.

I’d achieve euphoria if the objectification of animals ceased to exist.)


If you missed my post about Mr. Rommel Dog & my personal encounter with a dog raper, here is a link to👉🏻

Run your lamps over that vile shit.


Another update… Paul Corey, the dog raper, took a dirt nap.  Yep, he’s a goner.  Bye bye, bad guy.


Back to it….

We were the ONLY goddamn state in the northeast without a bestiality law.  Vile.  AG committee knocked it down cos farmers go shoulder deep in cow vaginas.

They call it AI, when it is rape.  Full stop.

Vermont’s new bestiality law strengthens misdemeanor & felony level penalties for committing violent crimes against animals & killing animals.

….Certain animals….

Pig murder…meh, that’s still ok….

People that view nonhumans as objects share traits of a psychopath…


Change is happening….just taking it’s sweet ass time.

Keep on fighting for liberation of all non-humans!

!Educate folk on Speciesism!



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