After a twatter discourse resulting in a chasm wide difference in opinion…
It piqued my interest in where all y’all stand.

What is your stance on non-vegans speaking out for animal rights?
-could be humane treatment, general cruelty, fur, etc….

Reason I am asking is I was tagged in a tweet featuring a music video…
The video is by a band that is not vegan….
The lead singer has said in interviews how ‘fucking delicious’ prosciutto is…
The lyrics seem to loosely be about oppression, perhaps loss…?
In an interview, when asked about the video/lyrics, the lead singer referred to horses as “…working beasts…”, & also wondered what will happen [to horses] when we “…no longer need them”?

Here ya have the BBQ grill of an animal lover

A vegan on twatter feels the video is positive as it shows anonymous cube of truth [minority vegan anonymous activists showing the truth about animal farming horrors].

I would love to say, that yes, this is positive….but, I can’t.

My stance leans more toward ineffectiveness of the cube of truth…as the band featuring it wasn’t even compelled to become vegan.

Who knows…maybe this is why lots of vegans dislike me….

Here ya have the plate of food belonging to an animal lover

But, I do not like saying people shouldn’t speak out. They should…always.


Still… I am interested in your feelings on this.
Contact me here, reply to this post, or, tweet me…

I await your replies with bated breath

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