Death a la carte

Opfunkill vegan Animal Liberation



Canned hunting packages
Order them up like sandwiches
Customizable death experiences
1 Rhino for Joe, & Steve will take 2 lionesses
I’ll take a boar, an antelope, & 2 oryxes
Death a la carte, in all seriousness
Serial killer, mass murder, trophy hunter…no differences
Private, secluded, fenced in advertise
Animal killers paradise
For one all inclusive price
Guaranteed kill, emphasize
Death fantasize
Animals locked inside
Utterly defenseless, terrified
Hunters terrorize
Just for your info…
Here’s some hunter lingo:
‘Horn porn’ is killing videos
Absolutely insidious
Murder making hideous
They ‘love animals’….we ain’t idiots
Hunting captive ranches equates to
Stalking & killing animals inside a zoo
Most are tame, it’s true
They are hand raised…who knew?
Exotic & endangered species, too
The ‘kill to conserve’ view
Illogical & wholly untrue
‘Good for animals’ pitch, only good for revenue
Hunting costs double every decade!
Availability is in decline!
The demand has become greater than the supply!
Big game animals hunted to extinction, that’s why!
Oh, hunting is your family tradition?
You and your Pa bonded on an animal murdering expedition?
You traded empathy for your Pa’s attention?
Causing suffering & lifelong desensitization…
You bonded in death, not nature appreciation
Satisfying blood addition
Carnage causing, extinction
Hunting exists as a recreation
Preferring death to life, intoxication
A being that wanted to live is now dead, satisfaction
Bloodlust exhilaration

My everlasting detestation


Wildlife factories…
Zoos stock the ‘shelves’…
Startled beings huddled inside of high fences…

Dig Out Your Soul


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…organized for charitable & educational purposes…