Taiji’s bloody business



Always remember
For dolphins, a harbinger
Of danger
Cetacean murder
Once again
The gates of hell are open
Dolphin bane
Eternal bloodstain
Disregard of life, profane
Japan’s shame
Six months a year
Hatagiri bay, a place to fear
Pods of migrating dolphins appear
September through March
The open killing cove arch
The killing season…
What’s their reason?
They see
Death haunts the cove, serene
Dolphins killed brutally
Taken captive inhumanly
Entertainment industry
Big, big money
Japan’s dolphin drive
Where the worlds aquariums come to buy
Shopping for wild dolphins
Starved & penned
Sold into captivity
For life condemned
Taiji’s black secret
Is a bright Red Sea
The blood of the innocents bleed
Murderers butcher dolphin families
Their cold eyes, glazed over with greed
The killing cove, bloodstained water
Mothers & babies slaughtered
The blood Red Sea
Dolphins murdered in Taiji

If you buy a ticket to see captive dolphins perform, or if you pay to swim with dolphins….you fund dolphin murder!


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