Acting inappropriately


Racism- This argument is based on the idea that one race has supremacy over other races, & can do whatever one wants. [In the animal rights arena, humans reign supreme over animals, ergo are free to be advantageous in their dominance.]

Nationalism- This argument is based on the idea that one nation has supremacy over other nations, & can do whatever one wants. [In the animal rights arena, humans reign supreme over animals, ergo are free to be advantageous in their dominance.]

Sexism- This argument is based on the idea that one sex has supremacy over another sex, & can do whatever one wants. [In the animal rights arena, humans reign supreme over animals, ergo are free to be advantageous in their dominance.]


Let’s talk about sexism…
Being a twatter activist keeps me up to date with what/who is currently trending.
Mostly, I don’t have an ounce of fuck to give when it comes to celebrity gossip…..
But, last night I noticed Ben Affleck was trending…while not a fan, I was curious cos of Tom petty recently heading to deadsville.
Turns out, ol Benny grabbed some chicks tit on TRL.
The chick?
Hilarie Burton
The sex abuse, discrimination, oppression in Hollywood is an awful truth.
The woody Allen’s…
The Roman Polanski’s…
The Harvey Weinstein’s & Cosby’s
Notions of supremacy have serious effects within the human species itself
This is demonstrated with Hilarie’s tit being grabbed on TRL
With activism, there are opposing sides.
While skimming the tit grabbing men vs women tweets, I couldn’t help but notice similarities to animal activism within the discourse
Stuff like-
Thats how Hollywood works/ we’ve always eaten animals
She wanted him to/Animals shouldn’t be so delicious
Ad Hominem:
She is lying/ animal activists are lying
Guilt trip:
Isn’t there more important issues?/ Isn’t there more important issues?
The McDonald’s….
The Oscar Mayer’s…
The Tyson’s & Purdue’s…

I did a little research:
Hilarie Burton is an animal lover.
She loves to wear them & eat them…yah know, oppress them?
Her ‘voice for empowerment’ is merely looking out for her own sex/species.
She subjugates other [same sex] species!
Enter yet another ‘ism’…
Speciesism- This argument is based on the idea that one species has supremacy over another species, & can do whatever one wants. [Human supremacy appears in the animal rights arena in the form of arguments in favor of eating, wearing, using animals for our food/clothing/entertainment/pleasure/medical experiments/cosmetics testing & be advantageous in their dominance.]

Hilarie owns a working farm, along with other species, she has dairy cows.
That’s a fat euphemism for the breast milk that a mother cow produces for her baby.
Hello? Lactation….
Hilarie is doing a little more than just grabbing cow tits…
She is directly supporting the dairy industry!
Well, that’s a whole lotta tit grabbing…
Don’t forget to throw in some rape & kidnapping.
Cow milk drinking feminism?

A female oppressing a female…that’s fucked up

Yes, the human agenda is pushed
Woman power
….ALL cows used for their milk are female….
Rape racks
Veal crates
Milking machines
Well, just like Hilarie, cows only produce milk for their babies…
Unlike Hilarie, cows babies are stolen from them…along with their breast milk.
Cows are pumped full of hormones so that they produce way more milk than they would naturally….
[Gotta keep the money pumping]
Hilarie remains completely incapable of grasping her own role in oppression.
Her jackets, boots, purses, vests, shoes made from animals skins
Her much loved Hot Dogs made from the ‘trimmings’ of pigs, chickens & cows
Mother pigs confined to gestation crates….abused, tortured…unable to care for their babies as intended.
Deprived of grass, sunlight & natural life.
Hens confined to small cages, spend their short lives in darkness…only to be boiled alive
Cows that are used a milk machines until their bodies, wrecked from pregnancy after pregnancy, are hauled off to a horrific slaughterhouse

Dead animals for dinner
If you eat meat, you support animal cruelty & animal murder
Nuff said

Hilarie is voice for those that cannot speak for themselves…
She is [just] another voice of human supremacy
Animal exploitation acceptable segregation….

As a chick-
I am sorry about what happened to her. Truly.
She should not have been sexually assaulted on television by Ben Affleck
It is awful that she felt powerless….
She also shouldn’t have to defend herself to twitter trolls that are obsessed with comic book characters…
As an activist chick-
I can only hope that the daily interaction with the beings on her farm will break her programming, & she will see that all life is deserving. I hope that she is able to see that when it comes to us, animals are powerless.
[Or, fuck it…she can go the ‘heath’ route in order to simultaneously maintain a human supremacist world view while sparing countless lives of animals…
Cos, hello….cancer? Heart disease?
You really want your kid eating carcinogenic, rotting flesh?]

I came across an interview about the resident animals living at her farm…when asked if the animals were ‘for food’, the answer was ‘NO’ with an almost look of offense.
So, it’s ok to eat animals that aren’t living at your farm? Fuck them?
They aren’t deserving of life? Why? Because you didn’t name them?
The rub.

Break the chain
Eat a fucking tofu pup
Try some gardein
Feed ‘your’ chickens their eggs back to them so that they can replenish the much needed calcium that their bodies lost just to lay eggs.
They ain’t yours to eat.
Egg replacer….
Plant milk….
Synthetic leather….
Free thought

Animal Liberation IS human freeing…& definitely DON’T be afraid to speak out for ALL
Cos non-humans ain’t ever gonna organize & speak out in their own interests
Just because something is traditional, does not make it morally acceptable.

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