wind storm

Vermont recently was hit hard by an unexpected shift in weather, producing badass hurricane force winds.  A shit-ton of outages [folks still without power]

I lost power 4 am Monday 30th.  Like a lot of peeps, I awoke to a cold, dark house.  Looking outside, I am very sad to report a major casualty.   The lightning tree went down, breaking about 13’ from the ground.

to the right…ya can see the break

I’ve written about this tree a few times.  A tall, beautiful hemlock that was struck by lightning some years ago.  The bark scarred to the ground, the current leaving a visible path it traveled.  The lighting tree towered above all of the others, boasting the perfect spot for a sentinel &/or, sunbathing crow.

RIP lighting tree…

The wind continued to test trees throughout Monday, whipping their branches, swaying their trunks, ridding the deciduous of what was left of their foliage.  The woods surrounding my home was noisy as trees groaned, squeaked, & branches were tossed.

little bird in a big, windy world


BB & Puss had early bedtimes during the outage.  Trust, they weren’t happy.  Maybe, they’re insomniacs like me?  Maybe they have little bags under their eyes impossible to see due to feathers?

Fun fact: Power outages make pigeons cranky.

Baneful BB? 

Sour Puss?

I got pecked….a lot.  Early bedtimes= peace treaty

Power was restored Thursday 2nd [grateful]