Meathead Mantra


You kill to feed your family
That’s what you just told me
Damnable modality
My pugnacity?
Nah, your lacking capacity
of sagacity
Claim your baby’s vitality
hinges critically
on meat edacity
Pathetic fallacy
Herd mentality
General irrationality

My baby don’t eat no rice!
My baby don’t eat no beans!
My baby don’t eat no bread!
My baby don’t eat no greens!
My baby needs meat,
Meat flavored by mesquite!
Meat is sustenance, not a treat,
for my baby to eat!
My baby would be incomplete
without meat!
My baby’s needs replete,
My baby’s freezer, too, full of meat!
My baby don’t eat no squash-
just pastaless, tomatoless sauceless meaty goulash!
For my baby, grains & veggies are unfit!
Meat; [glorious life giving meat] my baby’s survival depends on it!
My baby teethes on a T-bone steak!
My baby swallows meat down like a hognose snake!
Edamame gives my baby a headache! 😦
Fruit makes my baby’s belly ache! 😦
My baby’s alive cos of high meat intake! 😀


My baby needs to eat bodies
My baby is a fucking zombie

Baby hungry Baby want meat

Dig Out Your Soul

(…yeah, this post was inspired by a delivery driver who utilized the ‘feed my starving children’ excuse to brutally murder another living being…..)