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Meat eating
Money making
Lie generating
Story telling
Highly concentrated doses
Of genetically Frankensteined corpses
Your habit
Your diet
[You chew dead flesh like a maggot]
Your…whatever you call it…produces
Big Mac
Heart attack
You want some ass cancer?
Bacon double cheeseburger is the answer
Meat is your master
Getting fatter & fatter
Diet disaster
Pumping meat down your throat
Like a carcinogenic, rotting steamboat
Each dollar you spend, casts a vote
You wanna live on t-bone Island & drive a gravy boat
Your mushy zombie brain can’t comprehend
For every single dollar that you spend
It is a message that you send
[big red faced fatty is hungry for more fried chicken]
A cruel industry you attend
And, still, you defend
So, [with your bloated self] I’ll cease to expend
For you- I just see a dead end
& I lack the desire to pretend
That your gleeful mouthful doesn’t offend

Your ears are clogged with animal fats

If you ain’t vegan,
You ain’t truth tellin’!
If you’re meat eating,
You’re lying!
Calling a living being a thing
Calling murdering slaughtering
Calling mutilating processing
Calling corpse munching family dining
Your apathy is horrifying
Slap some corpse parts in a bun, & you’re smiling.


Dig Out Your Soul


Vegan Abolitionist Animal activist, AntiSpeciesist, artist, poet, writer, chronic illness fighter

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