Big ticket Veganism


Vegan luxury
We elitists remain burdened by the cries of the dietarily destitute….
The morally impoverished seek solace in their erroneously justified choices to continue to eat corpse parts


Wants to eat like he gives a fuck…but it’s just too costly to care

Bean prices are though the roof!

Rice costs more than oil!

You really expect my blue collar family to be able to afford bread?!

I’d need to take out a 2nd mortgage to buy some goddamn potatoes.

Turnips & wheat flour costs an arm & a leg.

Sorry sweetie, we just can’t afford tomatoes…let’s go to red lobster.

I would love to eat compassionately, but all I can afford is steak, milk, Hot Dogs, & cheese!

That box of macaroni pasta & a jar of spaghetti sauce broke the bank!

I’m saving up so I can buy some oranges.

Hey! Vegan elitist! Fruit doesn’t grow on trees, ya know!

I avoid the produce section while shopping, my mouth waters, but it’s way outta my price range.

It’s the economy meat, dairy, & egg aisles for poor ol me!

Well, it was either my family became conscious about our food, or, we paid college tuition for our son. Couldn’t have both.

Look kids, if you want cucumbers, you need to get an after school job…otherwise it’s cheeseburgers for dinner!

I only eat sirloin cos it’s cheaper than having morals.

Brown rice?? Put that back! Who do you think we are? The trumps? Go pick out some pork chops!



Vegan staples are wicked cheap

[I ain’t quite sure where y’all are buying your 14 carat carrots…]
Many common, everyday foods are vegan, & you eat them without even knowing they are.
Prepared/processed vegan foods…duh, yeah, you pay a premium

Meat, dairy, & eggs are cheap?
No. Especially when you compare them to beans, rice & potatoes….

Know what else ain’t cheap? …medical bills & pharmaceuticals needed to correct all the health issues directly cause by eating meat, dairy, & eggs.

Being vegan is too expensive is a weak ass excuse.