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_$$$$$$Field Roast$$$$$$
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A Meat making company bought up a once vegan, now plant based, company

Ol Dave told pissed off vegans we all have a choice…
Hmmm, where have I heard the ‘personal choice’ justification from before….

….sounds familiar [scratches head]
Ah, yes…from animal corpse eaters.

Veganism & slaughterhouses ain’t EVER gonna go hand in hand
Animal Liberation & animal murder are simply unmixy things

Field roast pulled a fast one & say their products are made for non-vegans
I suppose that they are now
They held off making this big, slicked with animal blood announcement until after thanksgiving
Their field roast holiday roasts were sold out online at vegan essentials
My friend in Florida had to make her own roast, as all stores were sold out
Who bought them all?
Field roasts Davie boy wants ya to believe omni’s bought them all up
It’s non-vegans that ordered vegan roasts from an online vegan store for their holiday table
Meandering through the discourse of the announcement thread is telling
Vegans are pissed….not animal eaters.
A murder company buying a ‘vegan’ company is NOT the same as a non-vegan company creating/marketing/selling 1-2 vegan products….
No, not at all.
It’s also not like a vegetarian company that offers a couple vegan products, either…

Lots of corpse munchers were trolling pissed vegans…ya know, with their meat head logic
…’y’all don’t shop at all Vegan stores! Y’all go to grocery stores with meat aisles!’
1. If vegans had the option of shopping at animal-corpse-free distributors, they would
2. Field roast just sold out to a PRODUCER of animal corpses, NOT a distributor of animal corpses.

How good is this for the movement?
We all have our choice…..

Corpse eaters were further trolling pissed vegans, more meat head logic…
…‘ you vegans are selfish & just want your own niche’…..
Selfish? Vegans walk the badass path of ethics, Animals are first
Erm, well, vegans are making waves exposing farmed animal horrors…you’d think they would just keep it all for themselves…

Meat heads just cannot grasp that it is NOT A FUCKING DIET!

ugh…it ain’t pedantry, it’s just a fact. Veganism is a lifestyle.

We do have our own choice.
I ain’t ever buying another field roast product
Cos when I run out of vital wheat gluten, I don’t pop over to the local butcher shop to buy it.
[I stopped buying daiya when they started playing footsies with an animal testing company…]

That said,
Plant based diets do help reduce animal suffering.

While field roast shaking the hands of animal throat slitters could be good for getting more plant based options out there to a wider market, it definitely ain’t good for the social movement vegans have been [& continue] pushing for:
Animal Liberation
….cos the last fucking place to find AL is inside a slaughterhouse

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