Tales from the coop


This is Puss’ second winter.
[Didn’t stop him from staring, wide eyed at the blinding white snow covering everything outside with unblinking surprise.]
A fifth winter for little B.B.
We had a whiteout flurry today for about an hour, so he was all captivated, & contentedly watched snow fall from his favored sill.
They need a bath today.
They have been making some serious powder, & it’s time they get their feathers wet.
This bath will be mandatory….last bath I ran for them, they both flat out refused.
Not today, little pidge peeps.
Mark my words…

Aside from stubborn, dirty birds…I wanted to let y’all know that I bought them both ‘pants’ for Xmas.
How adorable, yeah?
Not the kind of pants that will have me dressing pigeons in goofy little costumes for my own entertainment.
No way, Jose
They’re lil pigeon diapers, & they have an ‘O’ ring to attach a lanyard/safety leash.
I am so totally jacked!

1. Poop control (the power of the poop)

2. Leash for outside fun. [my guy is building them an aviary for summers]

3. Ok, ok…yes, they will be adorable….but, did I mention poop control?

Pigeons can’t really be ‘trained’ to go to the bathroom in a designated area when they free fly all day.
They are completely indiscriminate to who/where/what they drop a bomb on.
They really do have an actual ‘poop chute’…
Their system is all set up for when it is full, it simply opens, & empties.

B.B. ‘where ya poopin, Puss?
Puss ‘wherever it falls, so shall I poop’

Personally, I’ve found that they each spend more time in certain areas, which does make it easier for me to strategically place newspapers on the floor. But, at the end of the day, there’s always poops to scoop.

The pigeon pants, in addition to being freaking adorable, will catch their lil turdballs.
Folk recommend lining the bottom with a thin panty liner, & voila! Easy to change/keep clean.
How exciting is that?

I got B.B. a mustard colored pair…the closest I could get to his grand eye color. [sometimes gold, sometimes blaze orange]

B.B. had grey eyes when he was a baby
The very best pic of his eye color….stunning, eh?

With his sleek white feathers, peppered with small soot & Payne’s grey colored spots, he ought be quite the stunner when he dons his mustard flight suit.
Beautiful little pidge man.
And, Puss?
Because he grew such an impressive array of feather colors, I got him an ivory suit, with grey stitch designs.
He reminds me of Victorian mourning colors…ebony, ivory, Payne’s….
His entire back is pristine white…when he lays down to nap, you’d think he was wearing a cape.
His eyes are a rich brown…think warm mahogany.

Hiya brown eyes

Pretty pretty…
[admittedly, there was a brief time I was worried he was gonna mature into having those red pidge eyes, which, woulda creeped me out] I ain’t saying I’d love him less if he had developed demon eye… just kinda saying I am happy with his little chocolate drop eyes.

Pigeon eye color
see? Like you wouldn’t be creeped out

Dashing guy.

I will be sure to keep y’all updated with the arrival of the pants, & the very first fittings…
I’ll call it now-
B.B. is going to beak Protest & rally bite
Puss will be offended, but ultimately concede to being dressed

Next time ya see them, they’ll be panted!

Just think…in a few weeks…no more naked pigeons