Pretty cow vegan dig out your Soul


So, I thought about my recent field roast post over this past weekend.
Honestly, what spurred my musing was a film
Not even a particularly good film…
[it was about a psychic that didn’t know he was a psychic…blah blah blah]
Anyhow, it occurred to me that vilifying field roast is shooting myself in the foot…
Well, shooting AL in the foot…
Everything that I stand for…I suddenly oppose?
[Ya know…stuff like minimizing suffering, making new vegans, keeping new vegans vegans, animal free options aplenty, etc…]
No…I don’t oppose those things
Those things are the terra Firma of Dig Out Your Soul

What the hell does field roast & films about ignorant psychics have to do with one another??

Well…it’s seeing what you want to see
How we play tricks on ourselves, & fool ourselves into seeing what is/isn’t there

Quickie example:
I got an uncle that is missing his pinkie
He’s been missing it since the 70’s
It got lopped off in a factory
Total goner
[no 5 finger discounts for him]
Guess what?
Of all of my friends that met him…none knew until they were told
Then…there was this huge ‘ahhhhh’ moment where they couldn’t believe they’d not ever noticed his missing little finger.

So, this post is about the field roast/ Maple Leaf ‘pinky finger’…

People rave about how realistic field roast products are
Non vegans love field roast products
Omnis buy their roasts & sausages cos they are tasty, & they satisfy their meat tooth

So why the hell am I complaining when non vegans are eating plants instead of animals??

Ok….I take back my previous ‘possession’ post
[i do still feel those feelings, mind…]

I will NOT advocate against field roast again.

P.S. I did some extensive research on other brands, like Gardein, Yves, Boca…..(etc)…

They, too, are owned by companies that fill the freezer sections with frozen corpse parts
Yep, hand in hand they really do go

So, yeah…henceforth there shall be no more feet shooting by me