Vegetarian Plus Vegan Turkey review

I’ve not yet done a legit product review…

The time has come
The time is now

What’ll I be reviewing?

Ta dah!

This here is a stock photo on account of my accidentally deleting a crapload of pics… It’s nice tho, kinda like a vegan turkey in the snow…

Vegetarian plus whole vegan turkey!

It comes in a big-ass carton chocked full with:
-6lb whole vegan turkey
-Zee fixins [bag of liquid gravy, & seasoned bread cubes for stuffing]
*huge bag of stuffing, not a teeny one…

All products were individually packed in sturdy plastic sleeves…
Nothing leaky, damaged, sticky….

The roast kinda looks like a traditional turkey.
It looks like already baked right outta the plastic
It even has a little cavity to fill with stuffing
Or, so you think it is a little cavity
…a lot more fits than ya think will
As i was jamming spoonful after spoonful of stuffing into a seemingly unfillable seitan cavern, I toyed with the notion that I was a natural Magician & was only just finding out
Finally, the seemingly impossible happened-
I stuffed the thing full
Oh, I can’t weigh in on the stuffing that came in the kit, because I am really fond of my own
What to do with a huge bag of unused, seasoned bread cubes?
*Hint- corvids dig noshing on croutons

Back to the big ass vegan turkey review…

Baking it was a breeze
40 min at 350
No basting, no covering/uncovering with foil, no internal temperature thingy to pop up, no dead bird corpse in your kitchen, no nothing….except waiting
Just shove that baby into the oven, & go read a book…or, as I did, watch ‘Joe Kidd’…
[what is it with me, holidays, & spaghetti westerns?…]
Oh, the gravy that came in the kit? I totally forgot to taste it on its own…
But, I did made a hybrid gravy using it along with my own
An Ubergravy
Yum yum
[Not to be confused with frankengravy which involves bone marrow, spinal fluid, & melted animal fat]
Barf-o-rama #WYTAI

The holiday feast was finished!
The turkey, stuffed
Acorn squash, stuffed…a theme?
Green bean casserole…nope, not a theme

Here’s a snap of it after we feasted….

The roast was a pleasant surprise, pretty delicious
The outer ‘skin’ (tofu skin, ya weirdo) was crisp, albeit chewy…but, it was still thin enough so the chew factor wasn’t by any means an ‘ew’
The inside was moist, medium seitany [eh?] firmness
It ‘carved’ easily
I gave Rommel a whole ‘leg’ which he chowed down on with plant based shepherd enthusiasm
It does have a smoky flavor, tho, not too smoky [ya ever notice, sometimes, products OD with smoke? Like, whats the deal?… not the case here, kids.]
Covered with gravy, it cut easily with the side of my fork
….I ate until I was ashamed

And, the final existing pic I have of the roast.
Here ya can see the deceptive ‘little’ cavity…

I definitely recommend it
I give it a solid 9 outta 10
Way to go, vegetarian plus!

Here’s a link to the company I ordered mine from [they got a holiday sale going on currently]

They’re a plant based company, & got tons of other vegan delights
They got crab cakes, lamb vindaloo, fish filets, orange chicken, spareribs [etc]….without all the murder

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