Chef Vandal

So, Laura Goodman, a chef at Carlinis restaurant did some seriously unethical shit…

A group of vegans telephoned the restaurant to discuss their dietary needs…
Laura obliged
The vegan group dined on the food chef Laura prepared
…Laura posted on social media that she intentionally served the vegan group food with animal derived ingredients [exactly what is unclear, & irrelevant…]
A chef surreptitiously added ingredients that were discussed, & agreed upon to be avoided.

What is interesting to me, however, is the language Laura used…
She claimed she ‘spiked’ a vegan
Yeah… ya know, the term used for the process of slipping date rape drugs into an unsuspecting persons beverage by a predator?
Pretty apt, Laura
There are different degrees to sadism

Fun fact– Those who have had their drink spiked are referred to as ‘victims’…[whether they were assaulted, or not]

Laura is, indeed, a predator.
Non-vegan folk will, true to form, find this claim absurd, & as always, laughable…
[I mean, it is just as funny as piglets being squashed to death by a big fat slaughter worker belly flopping on them for a friend filming, right?!?….]

Here’s a link if ya wanna run your lamps over it:

Laura got her cowardly, narcissistic kicks in, & as a result…the restaurant website is down, the reviews plummeted like a fucking Zeppelin engulfed in flames, her twatter is a goner, the Facebook Page is kablooie….

Corpse addicts think it’s a riot… Plant-based dieters don’t really see the big deal…

1. Did Laura produce any victims with her cruel act?
2. Was there any harm done as a result of her cruel act?
3. Was her cruel act necessary to commit?
4. What motivated her cruel act?

Garnering pleasure from engaging in cruel acts towards others, or promoting  harm towards others is beyond unethical.

As a vegan, what (if any) are your concerns when dining out?
As a vegan, bearing witness to egg eaters, fish eaters, weekend flesh eaters, [etc] who claim they’re vegan…are you worried that many folk will just assume some animal products are vegan?

Would love to hear your thoughts on this….

….fuck sake, Wonder how often this shit happens….

Vegan Abolitionist Animal activist, AntiSpeciesist, artist, poet, writer, chronic illness fighter

One thought on “Chef Vandal

  1. People who think it is okay to torture and murder animals (nonvegans) cannot be trusted. Their belief in human superiority and the fact that they are complicit in mass murder of innocents automatically makes them completely untrustworthy in every way. They also prove themselves to be void of compassion, empathy, morals, and a conscience. So it’s not surprising that they also commit other acts of moral indecency. Being a nonvegan is in itself a character flaw of the most vile kind.

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