Came across [yet another] animal cruelty petition the other day…

Like the mass majority of animal cruelty petitions, this one was started by a typical flesh addict that is outraged at a cruel act committed against an animal that they deem worthy of life.
One of thousands of petitions coming from the group of people that simultaneously oppress [some] animals as well as advocate for [some] animals.

This petition is seeking justice for a dog named Major.
Major was shot at point blank range.
The petition uses words such as ‘execution’, ‘terror’, & ‘horrific’ to describe the shooting of Major.
Major is labeled ‘innocent’.
The man that shot Major …’must be punished to the fullest extent of the law’….

Yes, I agree….
Now, have a gander

The above photo is a horrific truth.
A man with a gun, ready to execute an innocent pig who is crouching in terror.
This pig is being shot at point blank range.
Yet, no petition….
People use words such as ‘bacon’, ‘yummy’, & ‘delicious’ to describe the pig being shot.
The pig is labeled ‘food’.
The man that shot the pig…was just doing his job within the law….

The point blank range captured in the photo (as opposed to mere text) doesn’t carry the knee jerk oomph reaction…
People eat pig flesh, & feed pig body parts to their dogs…

Kill a species- murder
Kill a species- sport
Kill a species- cull
Kill a species- pest control
Kill a species- animal cruelty
Kill a species- food

Antispeciesism ain’t about equality…no.
It’s not about giving voting rights to fox, or sheep…
It’s not about having bovine bathrooms installed in every Costco location…
It’s about humans NOT forcing other species to suffer.
Suffering is suffering…
For ALL species, suffering is EQUAL.

How big is your moral circle?

Do you enjoy animal cruelty, or causing animals to suffer?
Go Vegan

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