Save the whales
Sauté the snails
Burden the donkey
Cage the monkey
Breed the chow chow
Slaughter the cow
Steal from the honeybee
Harass the manatee
Hunt the white tail
Brand the Clydesdale
Poach the Lion
Cull the bison
Poison the rat
Skin the bobcat
Enslave the pony
Broil the crappie
Label the pit bull
Delist the grey wolf
Symbolize the eagle
Test on the beagle
Wear the chinchilla
Display the gorilla
Endanger the porpoise
Crush the tortoise
Restrict the betta fish
Mount the swordfish
Can the tuna
Target the puma
Pet the dog
Trap the hedgehog
Deep fry the chicken
Play with the kitten

Human supremacy is a myth.

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