Apathy is zen



Tell me that it’s ground up cow
I won’t even raise an eyebrow
To me, it’s just chow
Yes, yes… I know how
they suffer & scream… I’ve read about it just now
But, anyhow
I know the score
I choose to support it
Why? What are you asking for?
Just because you abhor
What I adore…
I mean, for 2.6 million years or more,
animal flesh has been our diets core
So, I’ve nothing to answer for
If animal cruelty is what I choose to pay for
It’s my human birthright
Consuming animals for my capricious appetite
I know their throats are slit
I get it…
I’m ok with it
I know that they’re barcoded
Babies stolen
So their body parts can be roasted
No, I’m not revolted…
Rather, I am devoted
to contributing to their agony
Via compassion atrophy
My apathy
Lack of empathy
Callously, &
[human vanity]
Animal brutality
Is a triviality
I know their brains are smashed in
I know that their ribs are kicked in
I know that they are jammed, & crammed in
I know they’re punched & hit
I know that they live in their own shit
I am ok with it
I know that they fight for their life
But I don’t think twice
I just masticate their flesh
I do as I wish
I exist centrally
Like any human entity
The world revolves around me
&, is here for me
To use as I see
As benefit to me
My supremacy
Is a lack of empathy
For other species
No dishonesty…
Not from me…
Eating animals is the way it’s supposed to be
[While wholly unhealthy…Mentally & physically…Meat eating pathology…Oops, that wasn’t me…It was heidi]

The above facts about animal suffering is neither here nor there,
My fact is quite simple-


End speciesism dig Out Your Soul Vegan

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