Factory farming facade…idyllic, rolling meadows, happy animals commingling,  gentle workers, & E-I-E-I-O

The industries deceptions are carried out with few hitches…Folks succumb because they want to… driving the demands are those that are apathetic to animals suffering, or, those that choose to look the other way. Giving their consent to systemized cruelty on a global scale….their lifestyle tells the industry their practices are reasonabletolerable…they have the stomachs for it. 

                     Concentrated animal operations

Ah, yes, the above image surely must remind you of something…[concentrate]

When factory farm abuse makes headlines, the surreptitious videos are shared by both vegans, & non-vegans. The hellish images of workers punching, kicking, hurling, & stabbing screaming animals sparks anger. Many publicly state that this is only one instance… all the while unable to recognize the industry is inherently cruel.

What are some of the standard practices in factory farming?

A medieval hellhole for animals.

In addition to the above…So many more abominable practices are standard in factory farming. Mercilessly performed by monstrous individuals because there is a demand.

Educate yourself. If you educate yourself, & still choose to fund this loathsome treatment of sentient beings, it’s time you reflect on your apathy.


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