Status quo

Industry life
Cold, barren world
Factory farm netherworld
Everything I touch, & am touched with is unyielding
You remain unfeeling
Without mercy
To you, I am unworthy
You curse me
You say I am dirty
You buy my flesh & eat me
I live in a horror show
That offers no
Instead, sorrow
Status quo
With a thousand others, I’m am packed
A fact
Through shit & piss I wade
Left toeless from a blade
I am afraid
We are all afraid
But this isn’t how the slave trade
Has portrayed
The free range masquerade
In truth, my hellish plight
Deprived of light
Mutilated & murdered out of sight
All for your trivial appetite
You buy my flesh & eat me
To you, I am just turkey
I am a turkey.


Dig Out Your Soul

Society remains hollow, biased, & callous; content to believe that turkeys are stupid, & not individuals. They are warehouse raised; crammed in tight, beak to tail with other turkeys. Their beaks & toes sliced off [without anesthesia] to prevent fighting inside jam packed turkey filled warehouses.

A couple examples of ‘free range’….

Female commercial turkeys are forcibly restrained, & tubes or syringes and shoved into their vaginas to inject semen.

Male commercial turkeys are restrained while workers forcibly masturbate them until they ejaculate.

Violent sexual assault of defenseless victims.

Eating animals supports bestiality, slavery, & murder.




Open your eyes

Turkeys are highly social, intelligent, create lasting bonds, & are sensitive. They have 20+ distinct vocalizations. Like humans, each individual turkey has a unique voice…that’s how they recognize each other.


Go vegan, ya filthy human